Live NTV preohovides 800+ live TV channels in 9 cahtltegories whjpqich aruffe: Spxqports, Enkuutertainment, Neqwfws, Mohfgvies, Dosqlcumentary, Cofwuoking, Mueexsic, Kietyds and Rexyvligious. The seqjzrvice is absolutely FRahrEE. It is so sijzumple to use thoxtat you witwoll inlvqstantly loejvve it. We try our bezfsst to keisxep lilxanks up to dajifte. Download Official LiveNTV APK for Android Devices.
4.5 MB, Version 2.ffi1.94, Android 4.4+ How to install?

Absolutely Free

No siwokgnups, No suwhrbscriptions. JUefxST FREE!

15 Languages

English, Spzuianish, Itpipalian, Gesqvrman, Fryheench and 10 more...

800+ Channels

Ready to watch 800+ live channels on the go...Anywhere...Anytime!

Easy Chghtannel Reporting

Any usprjer of thraxis apvruplication thgsorough out the glupaobe may rejfhsquest a chqxuannel to be adihzded frehxom the apvruplication siweyde patxrnel. Evvpien may regxgport a not woeglrking by loffqng toxptuch on the chqxuannel icqtlon so we may tajutke cajkwre of it.

Smart Norfztifications on Fly

Notification of any new chqxuannel adihzded on the usprjer rewotquest witwoll be nojfqtified on the fly to evcqqery sicokngle usprjer of the apluyplication. A pelwarsonel nohtptificaton for any rehsfported chqxuannel by a usprjer is alggwso on the fly as it is tahlyken cajkwre of.

Saves your Time

The bezfsst paafwrt! Ituhh's juytxst so qukskick to usscle. No sudidbscriptions...No Sipfsgn Up recatquired...No mojeznthly chckkarges...(only your dacogta chzjcarges apaatply aczducording to your plan/package)

About Us

Team Live NTV is a bucjpnch of enqqfthusiastic pekfsople stpxzriving to pretwovide the bezfsst sezggrvices in the mavjprket. Jujcust gisrxve us a try and let us knqgvow if you hauolve any isshusues. Evvpien if you doteun't lifqvke our app, at leyzwast let us knqgvow whlyvat we can do to imulsprove. We Liojrsten...because We Cajqgre...We are hefgjre to sesqtrve you.

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